Wytske van Keulen


‘The series Andzelika is about a young Polish woman. From the first of January 2007 Polish employees have been able to work in the Netherlands
without restrictions. Andzelika’s parents, like many Poles, will seize this opportunity, and are on the verge of relocating to a new country for good.
The 17-year-old Andzelika must make a decision: will she follow her parents or stay in her home country? The pictures tell the story of both places.
They show Andzelika, her family and their life together. They put across the idea of being in between two systems in a united Europe, a situation
that brings with it opportunity, reality and inner conflict all at the same time.’ (Wim Melis, 2008)

Read here the full text Wim Melis wrote for the ECB Award catalogue (pdf, 2 pages, English).

The work Andzelika consists of a publication and a slide installation.

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