Wytske van Keulen


Spring 2019 - spring 2020
Artist in Residence at The Atlanta School in Atlanta, Idaho, US.
Over the course of a year I will be visiting the old gold mine town Atlanta, at the end of the road, high up in the Idaho mountains.
Here I will work on a new photographic project focussing on the town, its small population of ninteen residents,
the surrounding wilderness and old remaining gold mines.

This project is generously supported by the Mondrian Fund, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Atlanta, Idaho

Working on the edit of a new book; Stick Holding Branch, with images made in 2009, 2014-2019 in France, Japan and the United States.

Wytske van Keulen

October 2018
Bed & Studio at Kamiyama Artist in Residence in Kamiyama, Japan for Stick Holding Branch

Wytske van Keulen

August 2018
French Pyrenees for Stick Holding Branch

Wytske van Keulen

01.05.2017 - 31.05.2017
Exhibition: Zeitgeist at Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Together with Verena Prenner, Sion Jones, Philipa Klaiber, Phil Hatcher-Moore, Peter Finnemore, Patricia Ackerman,
Nick Paton, Mehdi Bahmed, Marta Mak, Marisa Culatto, Marc Wendelski, Kristian Buus, Kiki Streitberger, James A.
Hudson, Isaac Blease, Hiro Tanaka, Diane Meyer, Demetris Koilalus, David Boultbee - Bread art, Craig Bernard,
Cesar Dezfuli, Cassi Alexandra, Blazej Marczak, Alexander Anufriev

'A special exhibition at the Wales Millennium Centre, Zeitgeist, features work submitted in response to Diffusion's
global Open Call. The aim is to capture the spirit of our times, highlight what is really going on, offer new insights
and solutions, and challenge the status quo. With our various news feeds latterly dominated by Brexit, Trumpism,
climate change, poverty, religious intolerance, the migrant and refugee crisis, border control and gentrification,
Zeitgeist will interrogate what this all means for the individual and society moving forward.'

Zeitgeist is part of Diffusion, Cardiff International Festival of Photography
Zeitgeist exhibition website: diffusion-zeitgeist.org

Opening: 04.05.2017 from 3-5PM
Address: Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Cardiff, CF10 5AL

Wytske van Keulen

Screening and reading: Sous cloche at MING Studios, Boise ID
MING Studios 3 Year Anniversary Event from 6-10PM - Sous cloche starts at 7:30PM

Address: MING Studios - 420 S 6th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

Exhibition: Witte Arena
One day exhibition from 15:00-19:00 with fresh wood oven pizza's

Address: Witte Arena at Nieuw en Meer - Oude Haagseweg 51, 1066 DC Amsterdam

Wytske van Keulen

20.05.2016 - 09.07.2016
Exhibition: Not Somewhere Else, But Here at MING Studios
together with Joost Conijn, Lucas Lenglet, Thomas Manneke and Tim Smith (Harp)

'The photographic work of Dutch artist Wytske van Keulen focuses on individuals who deliberately chose
their own path in life by setting aside society’s demanding expectations and following their ideals.
In this exhibition Van Keulen combined her own slide works and artist books with a selection of works by
others, researching the connection between maker and subject within the documentary field.'

Opening: 20.05.2016, 7 PM
Address: MING Studios - 420 S 6th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

More info and installation views Not Somewhere Else, But Here

04.07.2016, 7PM
Movies and Soup
: with films by Ed van der Elsken and Naïmé Perrette

Address: MING Studios - 420 S 6th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702

(Film still from Death in Port Jackson Hotel by Ed van der Elsken, 1972)

May 2016
Collaborative experiment together with Tim Smith (Harp, formerly of Midlake)
Click image to listen and watch the demo version of the song that Tim Smith made inspired by the photograph Chrystals

Wytske van Keulen

May - June 2016
Artist in Residence at MING Studios, Boise ID (US)

MING Studios

20.05.2016 - 17.06.2016
Exhibition: The Fortune Teller at Garage Rotterdam

Together with: Paul Bogaers, Voebe de Gruyter, Arjan de Nooy, Bob Eikelboom, Juul Kraijer, Lennart Lahuis,
Danielle Lemaire, Ruchama Noorda, Richtje Reinsma, Deniz Seyda Tunca, Claudia Sola, Passang Tobgay,
Elejan van der Velde, Daan van Golden, Mai van Oers, Co Westerink.
Curated by Heske ten Cate and Hanne Hagenaars

Opening: 20.05.2016 from 20:00h
Address: Garage Rotterdam - Goudsewagenstraat 27, Rotterdam

More info: garagerotterdam.nl


27 November 2015, 15:15-18:00h
Book presentation Living With The Mekong – Climate change and urban development in Ho Chi Min City and the Mekong Delta
With talks and a panel duscussion.

In this book, architect and writer Joep Janssen gives a personal account of how Vietnam and the Vietnamese people cope with
the consequences of climate change. Joep Janssen invited me to Vietnam to create a photographic contribution to the book.
This resulted in two photo essays for which I portrayed several persons from different ages and social backgrounds, living near
or on the water in Ho Chi Min City and the Mekong Delta.

More info: Dutch: http://www.uitgeverijblauwdruk.nl - English: http://www.blauwdrukpublishers.com
More images on MO.be

26 – 27 September 2015, 14:00-19:00h
Open Days at studio complex Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam

For this occasion I will be showing my slide work Sous cloche and it is possible to have a
little peak at some new photographs I made in Japan, Texas and France.

Address: Nieuw en Meer - Oude Haagseweg 57, Amsterdam 
More info: facebook.com/Nieuw-Meer and facebook.com/BroedplaatsendagNieuwWest

Wytske van Keulen

August 2015
French Pyrenees

Wytske van Keulen

April-May 2015
Kerrville, TX (US)

Wytske van Keulen

12.03.2015 - 03.05.2015
Exhibition: Livres, notes et feuilles d’automne at Le Château d'Eau, Toulouse.

Opening 12.03.2015 from 18:00
Address: 1 place Laganne - F31300 Toulouse, France

More info and images: European Prospects (English)


17.01.2015 - 31.01.2015
Working as a residence at Le Château d'Eau, Toulouse.

Last year I was invited to make new work at psychiatric facility 'Bellefontaine'.
Now I am back in Toulouse to photograph there again and at another facility just outside of the city.

wytske van keulen

Featured on European Prospects

European Prospects: Visual Explorations in an Undiscovered Continent is a collaborative project which uses photography
and contemporary art to examine questions of identity and experience in an enlarged European Union.

The core partners are Ffotogallery in Cardiff, Fotosommer Stuttgart, the Lithuanian Photographers Association in Kaunas
and Le Château d’Eau in Toulouse. 

wytske van keulen

26.10.2014 – 03.11.2014 from 10:00 - 17:00 h.
Exhibition: Stick holding branch - KAIR2014 at Myozai Sake Brewery in Kamiyama village (JP)

Art Tour: 26.10.2014 - Meeting point at the Kamiyama Farmers market at 09:45.
Departure at 10:00 visiting the exhibitions of the three artists that were in this years Kamiyama Artist in Residence program;
Masako Miki, Stuart Frost and myself.

More info: http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/

wytske van keulen

10.10.2014 - 22.02.2015
Exhitibion Luxus der Einfachheit. Lebensformen jenseits der Norm
(The Luxury of Simplicity. Lifestyles away from the norm) at Münchner Stadtmuseum, München (DE)

Opening: 09.10.2014 from 19:00
Address: St.-Jakobs-Platz 1 - 80331 München

'Examples of escapism abound throughout our cultural and intellectual history. Right up to the present day, there have always
been those who have made a conscious choice to withdraw from society and live ascetic lives. Others have opted to live by
the currently fashionable motto of ‘Simplify your life’. This collective exhibition of international photographers investigates the
contemporary phenomenon of those who live outside of the established social norms.'

Together with: Carlo Bevilacqua, Andrea Büttner, Roger Eberhard, Lucas Foglia, Tom Hunter, Pau Montes, Renate Niebler,
Daan Paans, Timm Rautert, Alec Soth, Joel Sternfeld, Constanze Vielgosz and Julia Zimmermann.

More info at photography-now.com

Wytske van Keulen

Open studio day Kamiyama Artist in Residence at Shimobun Atelier, Kamiyama Village, Japan.

Meeting point is Kamiyama Framers market at 9:45. Departure to Shimobun Atelier at 10:00.



21.08.2014 - 06.11.2014
Selected as one of three artists for Kamiyama AIR program, Kamiyama Village, Japan.

Open studio day 28.09.2014 from 10:00
Exhibition 26.10.2014 - 03.11.2014

This residency is made possible with the generous support of KAIR and the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam.


24.05.2014 - 14.06.2014
Solo exhibition Sous cloche at Kominek Gallery, Berlin. (installation views)

Opening 24.05.2014 from 18:30
Address: Immanuelkirchstrasse 25, 10405 Berlin (DE)

wyske van keulen

This exhibition is made possible with the support of Könichreich der Niederlande, Mondriaan Fund and Stichting Stokroos.

31.03.2014 – 06.04.2014
Working as a residence at Le Chateau d'Eau, Toulouse.
I am invited to make new work at psychiatric facility 'Bellefontaine' in the city. The final work will be shown at Le Chateau d'Eau in 2015.

Le Chateau d'Eau Wytske van Keulen

A selection of images from Sous cloche is featured in online magazine Landscape Stories #15 Mountains.

02.02.2014 – 14.04.2014
Online auction for 'Cordaid Kinderstem' by television show on art 'Avro's Kunstuur'.

Interview: Springvossen at Amsterdam FM (in Dutch)

Book launch Sous cloche at San Serriffe

From 19:30 - 21:30 - Slide screening at 20:00
Adress: Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam

At 20:00 there will be a screening of a new slide work, followed by a conversation with Caroline von Courten,
former managing editor of Foam and now PhD researcher committed to the university of Leiden and Utrecht
and initiated by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Caroline travelled with me during my last trip to the French
Pyrenees and experienced the development of the work from up close.

wytske van keulen

This evening is made possible with the support of Stichting Stokroos, Utrecht.

New book Sous cloche! Order your copy by sending me an email (Paypal is possible) or online at Kominek Books.

wytske van keulen

28.11.2013 - 13.01.2014
Exhibition Undercover at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St.Petersburg (RU)

More info: books-undercover.com

05.12.2012 - 19.12.2012
Exhibition A Place No Cars Go at POU

Opening 05.12.2012 - 19:30
Adress: C/ Pou de la Figuera 16, 08003 Barcelona (ES)

With David Armengol, Guim Camps, Mimosa Echard, Eva Engelbert, Wytske van Keulen,
Marijn van Kreij, Pere Llobera, Mercedes Mangrané and Gerard Ortín.
Curated by: Quim Packard


14.09.2012 - 27.10.2012
Exhibition Myth and Place / Vague Storytelling at The Camera Club of New York (CCNY)
The Arts Building - 336 West 37th Street, Suite 206, New York

Featuring works by Pierre Le Hors, Florian Göttke & Rebecca Sakoun, Ron Jude, Niels Stomps and Wytske van Keulen
Curated by Leslie Grant and Grant Willing

Writing a text about the work of Naro Snackey for AKV St. Joost Den Bosch jubilee book.

Travelling to the French Pyrenees together with Caroline von Courten for Sous cloche.

Wytske van Keulen

Spring 2012
Take-off: Lab Nieuw en Meer
A community garden and initiative that researches and developes possibilities concerning sustainability, ecology,
permaculture and a artist-in-residence at cultural business complex Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam


05.04.2012 | 8pm
Launch: Club Donny #8 during the opening of the exhibition Secret Gardens in TENT Rotterdam.
Witte de Withstraat 50 | Rotterdam

Club Donny #8 includes contributions by Ghislain Amar, Christie Arends, Frank Bruggeman, Rubén Dario, Andre Dekker, Job Floris, Zoë Gray,
Sanneke van Hassel, Huib Haye van der Werf, Jeanne van Heeswijk & Marcel van der Meijs, Ernst van der Hoeven, Taufiq Hosen, Chris Kabel,
Wytske van Keulen, Jan Konings, Mathijs Labadie, Loes Martens, Eric Roelen, Janine Schrijver and Jorinde Seijdel.

Wytske van Keulen Club Donny

Photographing minerals and rocks at Museum of Mineralogy and Geology in the Delft University of Technology for Wereldopener.
(Image: Pyriet, Bingham, Utah USA (FeS2))

Museum for Minealogy and Geology Delft University of Technology

Opening: A Groupshow on Dutch and Belgian Photobooks at Kominek Gallery, Berlin
Immanuelkirchstrasse 25, Berlin
With: Viviane Sassen, Carl de Keyser, Stephan van Fleteren, Paul Kooiker, Pip Erken, Cuny Janssen, CHristian Lutz, Geert van Kesteren,
Niels Stomps, Florian van Roekel, Mariken Wessels, Jan Banning, Anouk Kruithof, Henk Wildschut, Rob Hornstra, Jeroen Toirkens

We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyonw would come to doubt. by Wytske van Keulen

Lecture at ArtEz Institute of the Arts, Fine Art department
(image: Walker Evans, Bed, Tenant Farmhouse, Hale County, Alabama, 1936)


Mekong Metropolis
July-September 2011
Working on series for Mekong Metropolis project in Ho Chi Min City (VN) initiated by architect Joep Janssen

Mekong Metropolis Wytske van Keulen

Presentation Galerie Pennings Portfolio nr. 93 at Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
During the opening of Paul Bogaers' exhibition Upset Down, Paul and I will interview each other about our work
The 'portfolio' consists of a hand made linnen folder (31 x 41 cm) with two analoge C-prints (29 x 39 cm), edition 10+2 AP
More information and availability contact Galerie Pennings

Caravan (Saskia), August 2009
Caravan (Saskia), November 2009


18.12.2010 - 12.12.2010
Je respire: la santé, la tranquillité, la paix, le succes, 7 jours par semaine at Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam
Robert Fruinstraat 35, Rotterdam
(review on trendbeheer)


Discussion: The Last Photographer at Dutch Culture Centre, Shanghai (CN)
With Steven Harris, Gu Zheng, Kim Bouvy, Samira Ben Laloua and Frank Bruggeman (Club Donny), Caroline von Courten, Ruud Visschendijk and others

18.07.2010 - 08.08.2010
Quickscan NL, Dutch photography now at Dutch Culture Centre, Shanghai (CN)


'Do it yourself/Hands on' - Part 1, masterclass at St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY
Together with Petra Stavast during NYPH10

12.05.2010 - 16.05.2010
DutchDoc!Space at Kunsthalle Galapagos during NY Photography Festival, New York

13.03.2010 - 15.04.2010
Andzelika at Kominek Gallery, Berlin
Immanuelkirchstrasse 25, Berlin

Weekend van het Fotoboek at Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
Live interview together with Nickel van Duijvenboden by Caroline von Courten about our cooporation for the book We would come to doubt everything...

Harry Penningsprijs 2009
Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven

16.01.2010 - 24.05.2010
Quickscan NL# 01, Photography Now at Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
in Las Palmas Building, Wilhelminakade 332
With: Michael Anhalt/Meike Eggers, Kim Boske, Club Donny, Fw:, Rob Hornstra/ Arnold van Bruggen, Anouk Kruithof, Lucia Nimcova,
Paulien Oltheten, Jaap Scheeren, Kim Bouvy, WassinkLundgren, Orna Wertman, Luuk Wilmering, Martine Stig, Katja Mater,
Eva- Fiore Kovacovsky, Melanie Bonajo, Andrea Stultiens, Petra Stavast, Awoiska van der Molen, Bas Fontein, Jan Adriaans.